Council adopts Rural Lands Strategy

27 October 2015

AlburyCity has adopted a Rural Lands Strategy for Splitters Creek and Table Top.

The strategy provides for a variety of lot sizes for future development and subdivision across Splitters Creek and Table Top, which are predominantly rural areas of our city.

Depending on the location of the property, the strategy will allow for minimum lot sizes of 2ha, 4ha, 8ha or 40ha. The current minimum lot size is 40ha or 80ha, depending on the location of the property.

Following an 11-month community consultation process, AlburyCity received 45 submissions regarding the draft Rural Lands Strategy.

AlburyCity Mayor Cr Henk van de Ven said the strategy was undertaken to cater for future growth and demand for rural residential-style living in Splitters Creek and Table Top.

"We need to balance residents' desire to subdivide with the need to protect the environment and avoid overdevelopment," Cr van de Ven said.

"We don't want to lose what makes these areas special.

"We also have to manage a lot of other factors such as fire risk and access for emergency services, water supply and traffic."

Cr van de Ven said it was important to note that the overarching strategy would be used to guide future changes to the Albury Local Environment Plan (LEP 2010) that enables development, including subdivision, but that it would not stop site-specific proposals from being considered if there was sufficient justification and site specific characteristics warranted further review.

"This is a framework for Splitters Creek and Table Top to guide future land use and ensure a co-ordinated approach to development now and in the future," he said.

"That will give local residents, their communities, developers and other investors greater certainty and confidence about any future development."