Exhibition discovers world's neighbourhoods

23 September 2015

Is it possible to find the real Paris, New York, Tokyo etc? Maybe not, but you definitely won't find it by sticking to the typical tourist trail. By wandering off and exploring neighbourhoods tourists never think to visit - the 'unfamous' parts - I perhaps had a glimpse into a more real version of some of the world's most famous cities.
- Louise Hawson, 2013.

An exhibition of photographs, 52 suburbs around the world, by Louise Hawson is on display at the LibraryMuseum from Saturday 26 September.

Visitors to the exhibition will see how Hawson's vibrant photography turns the ordinary into extraordinary, capturing not only the differences between countries and cultures, but also the remarkable similarities.

Hawson and her eight-year-old daughter Coco travelled to 10 countries, 14 cities and 52 suburbs, in a year-long sojourn to explore these unusual and lesser known neighbourhoods, to capture the spirit of their inhabitants, daily rituals and tribulations.

The exhibition captures scenes of celebration and festivities; vibrant splashes of colour and texture; quiet moments of thought and consideration; and a world that, while diverse, has a commonality of spirit and joy.

A travelling exhibition from Sydney Living Museums, 52 suburbs around the world is at the LibraryMuseum until Sunday 22 November.