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Solar at Waterview Laboratory

We're investigating solar feasibility at the Waterview Treatment Plant.

We’ve been installing solar across a number of sites since 2013 as part of Council's Photovoltaic Delivery Program. This has been one of the many success stories of the Energy Management Framework and its Energy Savings Action Plan.

The PV Delivery Program has provided a cumulative $220,800 saving in electricity costs with sites consuming 998,000 kWh of self-generated renewable energy.

Waterview is located west of Albury and has multiple electricity connections to the grid.

This project is broken into two steps:

  1. Investigate solar feasibility at Waterview Treatment Plant considering the site’s strategic plan
  2. Installation of solar at Waterview Treatment Plant (in a future year)

In year one our aim is to receive an independent report on the opportunities for solar at the Waterview Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) that is consistent with future development at the site.

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