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Waste Management Centre Improvements

We’re working on a number of projects to make our waste management centre even more efficient, environmentally-friendly and easier to use for customers.

Material recovery facility (MRF)

2021-2022 Budget: $1.5M

This project includes the construction of a centre to separate construction and demolition waste.

The new ‘MRF” will involve a conveyor system that will enable us to recover recyclable dry waste such as bricks and steel that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Currently, we’re diverting only 25 per cent of this type of waste away from landfill but the completion of the MRF will significantly increase that rate to between 60 per cent and 80 per cent.

This will save a large amount of landfill space, extending the landfill’s life and assisting our overall efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the site.

Equipment upgrades/replacement/other projects

2021-2022 Budget: $640,500

Funding in the budget will enable the purchase/upgrade of plant and equipment as well as administrative assets to help us meet regulatory targets in the year ahead.

The purchase of this equipment will provide environmental, social and economic benefits by helping to ensure the long-term future of the facility.

These projects include:

  • AWMC Circulate option for Plasterboard
  • Nexus Shed Business Case
  • Halve Waste Kerbside Separation Trial
  • Leachate Dam Fencing
  • Southern Valley Cell Extension Design
  • Landfill Environmental Management Plan
  • Northern Valley Leachate Construction
  • Cooling system
  • Concrete Crushing Unit
  • Cardboard Compactor Unit