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PumpHouse Maker Space & Artist Workshop

Albury’s historic pump house in Waterworks Road will be transformed into a mecca for artists and creators.

Albury’s historic pump house in Waterworks Road will be transformed into a mecca for artists and creators to establish a dynamic hub of artistic and innovative output, engagement and economic flow-on for the Albury region.

This heritage listed former pump house is only 70m from the Murray River. With a current floor area of 280m2, the space will be extended by an additional 54.5m2 to allow for reception/entry, office space and toilet facilities.

This project brings together elements of cultural activity already taking place in the community and consolidates them into a cohesive and collaborative program.

The PumpHouse MakerSpace will breathe new life into a heritage-listed building.  Equipped with the tools and machinery required across four mediums – ceramics, metalwork, jewellery and woodwork – this space will become a mecca for artists and makers who  are keen to collaborate and learn new creative skills.

The establishment of a well-equipped Makerspace will:

  • Allow a substantial expansion of the range and number of workshops on offer – from the interested beginner to professional development for trained artisans
  • Generate jobs by employing local tutors and artists within the education program
  • Provide local artisans, makers and micro-business owners with an affordable option for the use of specialised equipment
  • Provide additional hands-on educational programs for regional schools, presented by professional artists in a well-equipped space
  • Establish a network of artisans and makers that promotes and supports collaboration across diverse art forms
  • Offer school leavers an alternate pathway into a creative maker profession
  • Provide potential for richer tourism offerings that combine a creative experience with other experiences already offered in the region
  • Involve creative businesses and artists in markets, pop-ups and evening/night time events, and
  • Establish a financially viable and self-sustaining cultural enterprise.

The PumpHouse Maker Space project is one project of three funded by the Regional Cultural Fund.  The total grant allocated is $1.2 million.

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