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Monument Hill Redevelopment

Extensive landscaping works are underway as part of a long-term plan to upgrade and beautify Monument Hill.

General information

Works commenced on the Monument Hill Redevelopment project in early October 2019.

There is no direct vehicle or pedestrian access to the monument during the construction period. Limited pedestrian access remains around the construction site to the viewing points, bushland walking trails and the picnics facilities.  Car parking will be available at the Memorial Bowl. The toilets facilities will remain open however, they will be closed periodically during certain elements of the construction.

Due to the electrical upgrade works the light on top of the Monument will not be lit for the duration of the construction. The flags have also been removed due to the lights illuminating the flags not operating. The flags will be re-instated at the conclusion of the redevelopment works and lighting restored.

About this project

Monument Hill, at the western end of Dean Street, is one Albury’s most-visited destinations.

The World War One memorial sits atop of the hill which provides stunning views of the region.

A number of site issues have been identified by the community and the RSL. To address those issues, a master plan was developed and endorsed by council in February 2017, providing us with a a long term strategy for improvements at the site.

We're committing $1,050,000 towards the project with an additional $300,000 secured through the NSW government's Stronger Country Communities Fund.

Project scope

The project will involve landscaping and implementation of key priorities including:

  • Improved roadways
  • Upgrade of CCTV cameras
  • Upgrade of lighting and power for events (particularly ANZAC Day)
  • Upgrade of park fixtures and furniture (picnic tables & drinking fountain)
  • Landscaping around the memorial
  • Retaining wall replacement

6 March 2020

Concreting has commenced on the pedestrian area and continues on the roadway. Garden beds have been filled with soil.

Monument 06-03a

Monument 06-03b

Monument 06-03

21 February 2020

Concrete works commences on the roadways and path to the main door while the entry retaining walls are complete.

Monument 21-02

Monument 21-02a

Monument 21-02b

Monument 21-02c

14 February 2020

Edging work around the War Memorial to define the garden areas and pedestrian areas progresses. The preparation work for the recognition wall structures is progressing and road works continue.

Monument 14-02

Monument 14-02a

Monument 14-02b

7 February 2020

Preparation around the War Memorial continues with concrete laid in the main area. Entry retaining wall construction continues.

Monument 07-02

Monument 07-02a

Monument 07-02b

31 January 2020

Retaining walls at the entrance are taking shape while the main congregation area at the base of the monument is being prepared for concreting .

Monument 31-01

Monument 31-01a

24 January 2020

Preparation work commenced this week on the roadways pedestrian areas. Footings for the entry retaining walls continue.

Monument 24-01

Monument 24-01a

Monument 24-01b

17 January 2020

The last sections of the alcoves are being constructed in the next couple of weeks while works has commenced on the entry retaining walls. The footings have been poured for the recognition walls

Monument 17-01b

Monument 17-01a

Monument 17-01

10 January 2020

Work has recommenced after Christmas. rendering and painting of the alcoves has commenced while the new plaques are being designed through the RSL. Footing for the retaining walls on the western side are complete and the retaining walls to the east are almost complete. Site preparation works has commenced on the recognition walls.

Monument 10-01

Monument 10-01a

Monument 10-01b

Monument 10-01c

13 December 2019

Monument 13-12a

Monument 13-12

Monument 13-12b

6 December 2019

Works continues on the alcoves and retaining walls.

Monument 06-12

Monument 06-12a

Monument 06-12b

29 November 2019

The concreting works was completed this week on the first alcoves while the form work continues on the footings and retaining walls.

Monument 29-11

Monument 29-11a

Monument 29-11b

22 November 2019

Works continue on the pre-construction of the roadways. Footings and reinforcement of the retaining walls has progressed and alcoves are taking shape. The electrical conduit installation continues.

Monument 22-11

Monument 22-11a

15 November 2019

Electrical conduit installation and footing for the retaining walls have commenced. construction of the roadway continues.

Monument 15-11 RW

Monument 15-11 alc

Monument 15-11 west

1 November 2019

Earthworks and ground preparation continues this week. Stage 1 electrical works are scheduled to commence soon.

Monument 1-11

Monument 1-11a

25 October 2019

Work has commenced on the redevelopment project. The site has been fenced with demolition works and ground preparation started.

Monument 25-10 Front

Monument 25-10 east

Monument 25-10 south


27 September 2019

AP Delaney & Co Pty Ltd were endorsed by Council at the 23 September 2019 Council meeting to carry out the redevelopment project. Works are due to commence in October.

Monument 27-9-19

16 August 2019

Detailed design complete and tenders close 3 September 2019

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