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Day Street Drain Reconstruction

We’re reconstructing the Day Street storm water drain to improve the functionality, amenity and environmental impacts to the area.

We’re reconstructing the Day Street storm water drain to improve the functionality, amenity and environmental impacts to the area.

Currently, the storm water from Day Street discharges near the top of the slope in Padman Park which has caused significant erosion and washout on the lower slopes.  The erosion to the embankment is significant and if left unattended, there will be higher levels of maintenance required to the Wagirra Trail, potential public safety issues and impacts to the amenity and surrounding environment.

To rectify this issue, we will construct a storm water pipe to run from the Day Street drain, underneath the Wagirra Trail with discharge downslope of the trail on gentler sloping and vegetated ground, approximately 100 meters from the Murray River.

Construction of the drainage system will involve the filling and compaction of the existing scour and installation of 90 metres of stormwater pipe, including concrete pits and anchor blocks.

Weather permitting, work will commence 22 February 2021 and is expected to be complete in April, 2021.

Wagirra Trail Track Closures

Wagirra Trail Closures

The Wagirra Trail will remain open in unaffected sections, however it will need to be closed either side of the construction area (near Padman Park) at various stages given the risks to public safety of having heavy machinery on such a steep slope above the trail.

The project team will be looking at all options to minimise the disruption to trail users for the duration of the work.

The full trail is expected to remain open from 6pm – 7am, Monday – Friday and on any days that works are not being undertaken where it is safe to do so.

We will be updating this page if there is a need to close the trail outside these time, including overnight or on weekends.  We encourage you to check this page regularly if you are planning to use the path through the construction corridor.


The Trail will remain closed outside of construction hours until Friday 16 April 2021.  The construction team commenced working on the drainage line going up the steep incline and due to the nature of the incline and loose material generated from the excavation it is deemed not safe to open the track to the general public for the remainder of the working week. This decision was made because there could be material that may escape and roll down onto the track making it hazardous when the workers are not on site.

We will reopen the trail for you to enjoy as soon as it is safe to do so.

Environmental considerations

An independent consultant was commissioned to assess the potential environmental impacts of the project. Their assessment considered that it was unlikely that the proposed work will result in a significant impact on any threatened species known or predicted to use the area.  However, we will implement a number of measures based on their recommendations to minimise any environmental impacts of the work.

A key consideration in planning the work has been the grey-headed flying fox Camp at Leaney’s Bend, located approximately 60 metres south of the construction area. The timing of construction has been scheduled to occur outside of their breeding season in order to minimise the potential impact on the Camp.

In addition, a fauna spotter will be engaged for the duration of the works to actively monitor the grey-headed flying fox population. This measure is in place to ensure that the works can proceed whilst avoiding any disturbance that might cause the flying foxes to be displaced or indirectly harmed.

There is a requirement to clear some vegetation within the construction corridor, however the project team will implement a revegetation plan at the completion of the project which will include planting native shrubs and trees.

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