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Alexandra Park (Ian Barker Fields) Reconstruction

Reconstruction of four hectares of sportsground playing surface at Alexandra Park (Ian Barker Fields)

About this project

The upgrade of Ian Barker Fields is a key recommendation contained within the Alexandra Park Sports Precinct Master Plan, which was developed after extensive consultation with key users including St Pat’s Soccer Club, North Albury Auskick, Steamers Rugby Union Club, East Albury Cricket Club and Cricket Albury Wodonga.

The project proposes to reconstruct a four hectare area into a multi-purpose playing fields with lighting. The upgraded area can be used for AFL (one full-size senior oval), soccer (four senior-size soccer fields) or cricket (synthetic wicket). The project also includes the installation of perimeter fencing.

The reconstruction of Ian Barker Fields is a key recommendation from the recently endorsed Two Cities One Community Albury Wodonga Sport and Recreation Strategy. Completing these work now places Albury in a position to meet needs of growth of a range of sports.

IBF design

7 June 2024

AlexIBF 08-06

AlexIBF 08-06a

10 May 2024

On-ground works are now complete with sowing of seed this week. Contractor compound has been removed.

AlexIBF 10-05a

AlexIBF 10-05

1 May 2024

Importation of growing sand is completed with final leveling underway. soil amendments have been incorporated into the soil.

AlexIBF 01-05

AlexIBF 01-05a

19 April 2024

The last sports ground light pole has been installed.  Importation of growing sand is in the final stages.  Final surface leveling has commenced.

AlexIBF 19-04

AlexIBF 19-04a

29 March 2024

Works continues on the ground surface while the perimeter fence has been erected.

AlexIBF 29-03

AlexIBF 29-03a

AlexIBF 29-03b

15 March 2024

Importation of growing sand continues with two quadrants complete. The foundation construction of the last light pole is underway.

AlexIBF 15-03

AlexIBF 15-03a

AlexIBF 15-03b

16 February 2024

The subsurface drainage and irrigation installation continues. The importation of growing sand has commenced on the first quadrant.



9 February 2024



26 January 2024

Sports ground light poles have been erected and installation of subsurface drainage continues.




01 December 2023

Installation of electrical and hydraulic services around the perimeter of the field continues.

AlexIBF 01-12

AlexIBF 01-12a

AlexIBF 01-12b

24 November 2023

Electrical and water service works commence.  Transportation of growing medium starts coming into site and stockpiled.

AlexIBF 24-11

AlexIBF 24-11a

AlexIBF 24-11b

27 October 2023

one of the machines to assist with site compaction.

AlexIBF 27-10

20 October 2023

Consolidation and subgrade preparation continues.

AlexIBF 20-10

AlexIBF 20-10a

8 October 2023

Consolidation works has commenced.

AlexIBF 8-10

1 September 2023

On ground works commenced in August. The site has been fenced, site offices installed, and demolition works underway.

AlexIBF 18-08

AlexIBF 18-08a

AlexIBF 1-09

26 June 2023

Albury's Joss Construction have been awarded the contract to reconstruct Ian Barker Fields at tonight's Council meeting. Works are scheduled to commence in August.