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Ernest Grant Park Play Space

The construction of a district level play space at Ernest Grant Park.

About this project

The Ernest Grant Master Plan was endorsed by Council in May 2020. One of the priority projects is the construction of a large high quality play space that encourages an active community of all ages and abilities. The Construction phase is scheduled to commence in April 2022.

The exciting project includes the following works:

  • All-inclusive playground
  • Skate Bowl
  • Pump’s track
  • Concrete Linking pathways
  • Shelters, Seating, and picnic settings
  • New 82 space car park on the western side of the park

29 April 2022

Deliveries have started to arrive (storm water pits and pipes) while the tree removal in the car park area is complete. Service locations continue.

ErnGrantPS 29-04

ErnGrantPS 29-04a

ErnGrantPS 29-04b

14 April 2022

On-ground works has commenced with the erection of temporary fencing, construction of temporary pathway. and  installation of tree protection zones.

ErnGrantPS 14-04

ErnGrantPS 14-04a

18 February 2022

At the 14 February 2022 Council meeting Excell Gray Bruni were endorsed as the preferred contractor for the construction of the play space and car park. On ground works is scheduled to commence in April 2022.

1 October 2021

Tenders for the construction of the play space and carpark have been advertised and close 12 October 2021.

14 May 2021

The detailed design process is nearing completion. Funding has been successful through the NSW Government Every One Can Play Program.  Tender documentation is scheduled to commence later in 2021 for construction.

14 August 2020

PLAYCE have been engaged to undertake the detailed design of the play space while the AlburyCity design team is developing designs for the car park area