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COVID-19 Guidelines

The sports centre has developed general guidelines, which detail the steps involved in using our facilities, including any restrictions and rules which will be in place.

After many months of having the Lauren Jackson Sports Centre closed during COVID-19, we are thrilled to reopen the facility. The facility will be operating with reduced courts, set days and times as we work through the restriction phases. Bookings are essential.

All customers need to be aware of restrictions relating to their entry. Local associations who use the facility will also have their own return to sport guidelines that they will implement once their competitions start at a later date.

Facility Opening Hours

Monday - Friday – 10:00am - 6.00pm
Saturday - Contact stadium management for availability
- Closed (open for large bookings only)

Hours of operation will be adjusted as restrictions allow further use of the facility.

Bookings Are Essential

Please contact the Lauren Jackson Sports Centre by phoning 02 6043 5810 or email


The facility is operating all 5 courts, with a maximum session time of 1 hour for groups.


Groups > 20 not permitted ON A COURT.


Participants and officials cannot enter the court area earlier than the designated time prior to their game/activity or before the participants and officials of the previous game have departed. Do not arrive for bookings, games/trainings until 10 Mins before start time (waiting areas are provided next to courts)

Basketballs And Equipment

Any basketball/netballs or equipment brought into the facility should be sanitized prior to arrival. The Lauren Jackson Sports Centre (LJSC) will not loan equipment to participants.

Breaks Between Training Sessions And Games

Please be aware that small breaks between games, training sessions and development programs will be required to allow time for participants & officials to depart and arrive without contact. This will also assist staff and users groups to ensure all sanitisation requirements are met.

Capacity Control And Contract Tracing

LJSC Staff will maintain strict counting of capacity within the stadium and on each court to ensure that limits are not exceeded. All bookings will be required to provide the facility with a list of participants contact information upon arrival. Single Casual users will also be able to enter details with staff on arrival.

Cash Handling

Throughout our re-opening stage, LJSC will be operating cashless payment system. Payments can be made at reception or at time of booking via credit card.

Designated Entry & Exit

LJSC will require all participants, officials and staff to enter through the main entrance where they will be required to sanitise before progressing through the stadium. After participants and officials have finished their game or activity, with exit points highlighted. The facility will be following the ‘GET IN AND GET OUT’ return to sport protocols.


Hand sanitiser will be provided upon entry and exit as well as at each score bench.

Towels & Drink Bottles

Participants and officials should bring their own towel and drink bottle. Water fountains will be closed until restrictions allow use.

Facility Cleaning

Staff will oversee daily cleaning during and post use by the community

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