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Re/place Pavilion

Summer Place 2022, titled Re/place Pavilion, is an experimental journey that uses cutting-edge technology to create a landmark pavilion, made from material that was ultimately destined for landfill.

Summer Place 2022 titled ‘Re/place Pavilion’ explores circular design thinking, cutting-edge technologies and utilises recycled materials that illuminate creative solutions to construction waste.

The Pavilion has been collaboratively designed by Studio Chris Fox, Bollinger+Grohmann, The University of Sydney and Swinburne University of Technology. It combines the creativity and expertise of architects, artists, students, engineers, and designers.

The core structure of the Pavilion is built from re-purposed construction timber waste. The façade incorporates reclaimed timber from last year's Summer Place Pavilion and mycelium (a root-like structure of a fungus). The mycelium panels are prototypes for the design and utilisation of emerging biomaterials for use in construction.

The logic of the Pavilion was based on modular construction techniques and engineered through computational design. The design team utilised construction systems and technologies to make irregular shapes and sizes of reclaimed timber into usable and strong structures. They also explored assembly methods that allow for recycling of the components once dismantled. This process helped minimise wastage in the construction and assembly phases of the project.

Re/place Pavilion is an experimental journey that incorporates circular design thinking and cutting-edge technology to create a landmark pavilion, made from material that was ultimately destined for landfill.


AlburyCity Studio Chris Fox Bollinger+Grohmann The University of Sydney Swinburne University of Technology

'Summer Place' is a nationally significant temporary pavilion that is putting Albury on the map.

Since 2018, AlburyCity has engaged a leading architect to design a pavilion that challenges conventional thinking and inspires creative solutions. Having already received a commendation or won four architectural awards for its first three pavilions, ‘Summer Place’ is receiving widespread attention.

In addition to presenting physical structures, 'Summer Place' activates QEII square and connects people and communities during the summer months. It becomes the focus of a programmed season of cultural events and activations.

Designed by architects Studio Chris Fox and engineers Bollinger+Grohmann
Re/place Pavilion
Reclaimed timber
Albury Central
Summer Place
Studio Chris Fox

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