Sporting Ground Fees

Below are the fees relevant to sporting organisations who make use of Council managed sporting grounds. These fees are relevant for the 2018/19 financial year and will be applied for the 2018/19 summer season and the 2019 winter season.

Regional Sporting Grounds

Includes: Alexandra Park - Murrayfield, Greenfield Park, Urana Road Oval.

  • Senior Rate - $73.50 per session
  • Junior Rate - $36.75 per session

Club Sporting Grounds

Includes: Alexandra Park - North St Fields, Aloysius Park, Billson Park, Glen Park, Jelbart Park, Melrose Park, Noreuil Park Oval.

  • Senior Rate - $49.00 per session
  • Junior Rate - $24.50 per session

Training Sporting Grounds

Includes: Black Range Park, Bonnie Doon Park, Collings Park, Ernest Grant Park, Lambert Park, Norris Park Oval, Springdale Heights Baseball Field, Waites Park.

  • Senior Rate: $36.00 per session
  • Junior Rate: $18.00 per session

Preseason use of Sporting Grounds

Preseason training fees apply to training that occurs three months prior to the beginning of the nominated season (ie 1 April and 1 October). Training outside of these times will be charged separately.

  • Albury Clubs - All grounds - Block bookings - $690.00
  • Non-Albury Clubs - All Grounds - Single sessions - $73.50 per session


In addition to the fees charged for the use of sporting grounds, the following fees may apply:

  • Key Deposit - $50.00
  • Marking out services - $36.00 per hour (line marking, underground services etc)
  • Ground and facility rectification - fee based on a cost recovery basis depending on circumstance

Fees for the use of Lavington Sports Ground are excluded from the above. There are additional fees which apply to casual users of sporting grounds and personal trainers.