Club Development

AlburyCity recognises the key role that community sport and recreation organisations play in enabling our residents to participate in their chosen sport or recreation activity. As such, AlburyCity is committed to working with sport and recreation organisations to build strong, sustainable organisations that can provide opportunities for participation to the community.

Forums and Workshops

AlburyCity regularly hosts or runs workshops to further enhance the knowledge and skills of our community sport and recreation organisations and the volunteers that coordinate them.

Strategic Planning

One of the keys to developing a strong community organisation is to have an eye on the future as well as on the present. AlburyCity staff work with community organisations in developing long terms plans for organisations and sports. This helps ensure that the organisation and the activity can continue to improve over time and provide a better experience for participants.


Volunteers are the life-blood of community organisations and are a key driver for enabling our community to participate in sport and recreation activities. Community organisations are encouraged to foster an environment where volunteers are respected, treated with fairness and dignity.

The NSW Government has developed a Statement of Principles for organisations to adopt to help send a clear signal to current and potential volunteers that their contributions are valued and that they will be respected.

Volunteer-friendly organisations are encouraged to sign up today.


There are a range of resources available that can provide valuable insights and knowledge for community sport and recreation organisations: