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Wiradjuri Woman

You can imagine “a spirit breaking free” from this 400 year old Iron Bark tree stump. Leonie McIntosh, Wiradjuri.

The Artist

Leonie McIntosh

I am a proud Wiradjuri woman. All of my work is based on traditional Wiradjuri stories handed down to me by my Grandmother and Elders of the Community in which I interpret in a contemporary way.

The stories attached to my art are about the land, animals, bush tucker and the river.

The Sculpture

Wiradjuri Woman | 2014

350 – 400 year old Iron Bark tree stump

The Wiradjuri Woman was burnt on the Possum Skin Cloak for the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in 2006 and now I have created a sculpture emerging out of this tree stump – as if a spirit is breaking free.