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Wiradjuri Law and Milawa Billa

Wiradjuri Law and Milawa Billa

Gawaymbanha-gu Wiradjuri Ngurambang

Welcome to Wiradjuri Country

Karrai binaal birrimal billa

Ngangaana-gu birrimal karrai billa

Dya birrimal karrai billa durai ngangaana ngingu.

Land of much bush and rivers

Look after the bush, land and the rivers

And the bush, land and rivers will look after you.

- Senior Elder Wungamaa Pastor Cec. Grant

Wiradjuri Law demands that we have profound respect for each other and we do things slowly and with care. The country itself is our nurturer. The land and the river provide all. The fertility of the earth is at a highpoint when the Milawa Billa runs. Aboriginal people are drawn to the river, known  to them as Milawa Billa (Murray River).

The Milawa is an old man of Aboriginal lore, telling a thousand stories, connecting communities along it's 2400 kilometres.

The sculptures along the Yindyamarra Sculptural Walk resonate with the Milawa lore. Connection to the river is fundamental to all these visual dialogues. The Milawa holds the local Indigenous history and inspires the cultural practices.