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Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk

The Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk features a series of stunning contemporary Aboriginal sculptures lining the Wagirra Trail from Kremur Street in West Albury to Wonga Wetlands.

There are eleven sculptures created by local Aboriginal artists and each one is accompanied by interpretative panels.


Signage along the trail will introduce each sculpture and artist in greater detail.

How to access the walk

The Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk starts at the Kremur Street Boat Ramp.  Kremur Street runs off Padman Drive in West Albury.

The trail follows the river for 5kms between the boat ramp and Wonga Wetlands, and extends along Waterview Road from Wonga for a further 1.5km. There are a number of ways to enjoy the trail.

  • Drive and walk/ride: you can park at the Kremur Street carpark or Wonga Wetlands and walk or ride the 10.5km (return) section along the river. The return walk may take about 3 hours. Head out on Padman Drive/Riverina Highway. Turn left into Kremur Street just 2 km from the Albury Pool. Wonga Wetlands is 5.5km from the pool.
  • Bicycle: Follow the bicycle trails and ride the loop from Albury to Wonga and back.  Starting behind the Albury Pool, a ‘goat track’ or dirt trail will take you to Kremur Street and through to Wonga. Exit Wonga via the driveway gate and ride along the path that follows the road back to town. Turn right into Kremur Street to rejoin the river trail, or continue straight ahead into town if comfortable cycling on the road. The loop may take 2 hours.
  • Carry a light picnic and take your time! This is a beautiful section of the river, you’ll enjoy lingering and perhaps resting on the ‘Creature Seats’.