Murals brighten drains

A painting of a birdwatcher gazing through binoculars has appeared in Waites Park, South Albury, as part of an AlburyCity project to brighten up drab drains and deter graffiti vandals.

The work, by mural artist Kade Sarte, depicts the birdwatcher – who’s peering from twin drains – surrounded by feathered friends in celebration of the wildlife that inhabits nearby Brown’s Lagoon.

The lagoon is a diverse habitat for all sorts of birds, which provided the inspiration for Kade to decorate the drain with images local to the area.

On the opposite side of the park, muralist Kristina Greenwood, or “Banana Joe”, has also transformed her own drain from functional to fabulous. Her design ideas came from the beautiful reeds and rich flora and fauna found in and around the lagoon.

The idea is to turn the ugly drains into splashes of colour to brighten up the park. It’s known that graffiti vandals tend not to deface work by artists so there are hopes the works will prevent tagging and other damage to infrastructure in the area.

Next time you’re there, take a close look at the murals. You’ll see Banana Joe has used a traditional paintbrush while Kade used multiple spray cans – but both have created vibrant and engaging representations of the location for all to enjoy.