Creative NBN Boxes

In a joint project with the NBNCo, AlburyCity has been wrapping this street infrastructure in vinyl designs that represent different aspects of Albury, its history, its flora and fauna, and its people.

Local school kids have decorated boxes located close to their schools. There are two beautiful batik designs created by members of a cultural exchange group who gathered to share ideas.

A local photographer has captured images of some of our amazing insect life around the area. We even have a pygmy perch box representing one of the Murray River’s endangered species.

Some of the boxes represent historical events in our city’s rich heritage. There is even a dual language walking tour of eight boxes dotted around the Albury CBD. Keep your eyes peeled for the different creatiions and stay tuned as more are revealed over the next year.

Walking Tour

Grab a coffee or a juice and wander the streets of the Albury CBD, following the trail of eight magnificent NBN boxes created by comic artists Mandy Ord. Each box represents a different local animal telling a story about a unique feature of Albury. Read the story in both English and Wiradjuri language.

The trail begins outside the State Government building on Dean Street near QEII Square.

  1. Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk and the Blue Bonnet Parrot

    512 Dean Street / # 2ALB-01-10

    Turn towards Monument Hill and walk past MAMA and the Post Office on the corner of Dean Street and Kiewa Street. Cross the intersection, diagonally towards NAB. Continue walking on this side of Dean St, and on your right you will find box number two.

  2. Botanic Gardens and the Butterfly

    591 Dean Street / #2ALB-O4-01

    Turn around and head back towards the intersection of Dean Street and Kiewa St. This time cross over Dean and head straight along Kiewa Street towards the AlburyCity Administration building. As you pass Sussan Ley MP’s office you will notice another NBN box decorated with an image of the exterior of MAMA. Continue along Kiewa St, past the LibraryMuseum on the opposite side of the street. Turn left onto Englehardt Street and there you will find box number three.

  3. Lake Hume and the Guya

    551 Englehardt Street / #2ALB-04-05

    Head back towards the pedestrian crossing and continue along Kiewa Street past the AlburyCity administration building on your left.

    The administration building was opened in 1972. Previously, the original Town Hall on Dean Street, now part of MAMA, was the office of the Mayor and all city employees.

    When you reach the old fire station on the corner of Mitchell Street, turn left and continue walking towards the tennis courts.

  4. Flying Fruit Fly Circus and the Flying Fox

    Mitchell Street, near 1st Albury Scouts Group / #2ALB-04-06

    Turn around and walk back towards the fire station, cross Kiewa Street at the pedestrian refuge and over the road you will find box number five.

  5. Nail Can and the Cicada

    568 Kiewa Street / #2ALB-04-07

    Continue along Kiewa St towards Wilson St and turn right onto Wilson. Walk along         Wilson Street and enjoy the cool shade of the old plane trees. Cross over Olive Street and turn right, heading back towards Dean Street and the SS&A building. Walk past        the SS&A and in front of Vision Australia you will find box number six.

  6. HotHouse Theatre and the Lyrebird

    Olive Street / #2ALB-01-15

    Cross over Swift Street and head back towards Dean Street. When you reach Dean Street, turn left towards the movie theatre where you will find box number seven.

  7. Noreuil Park and the Blue Tongue Lizard

    Dean St / #2ALB-01-13

    You are almost there… continue along Dean Street towards Young Street and just before Spencer Street you will find the final box on the trail. Fantastic!

  8. Mungabareena Reserve and the Bogong Moth

    Dean Street / #2ALB-01-11

Your walk with us is now finished. We hope you enjoyed the experience, learnt more about our wonderful town and its inhabitants and can remember a word or two of the indigenous language of the area.