Retro Youth Space and Services

The original Retro Youth Cafe was established as a direct request from young people to have a safe and central place in which to hang out, play music and access information. Located in Burrows House, Dean Street from 2003 until 2014, the redevelopment of MAMA created the opportunity for a new purpose-built youth space and café which opened late 2016.

Café and Youth Space

Opening onto QEII Square, the new Retro Lane Café continues to operate as an all-inclusive café with a youth focus. The large, multi-functional café is an open and friendly space where young people are welcome to hang out with friends, read books, use technology resources (free wifi, iPads, computer with Adobe and Ableton), play games and more. 14 – 24 year olds (upon showing ID) also receive a 15% discount at the café!

Youth Programs

Retro programs are overseen by the Youth Program Coordinator, Chris Amor, in consultation with the Retro Youth Management Committee. By providing a safe and youth-friendly environment and encouraging leadership and active participation, Council’s Youth Team aims to nurture and foster the social and cultural development of young people through music, events, activities, workshops, support groups and links with other Council and community services.

For more information about the programs below, contact:

AlburyCity Youth Program Coordinator