Future Planning and Masterplan

When first developed, Wonga was not intended as a tourism product; its purpose was an ecologically sustainable solution to wastewater management reuse. However, with increasing visitor attraction in 2014 the Wonga Wetlands Tourism Development Masterplan was developed to review and identify significant improvements to the current visitor products and identify potential new products that will raise Albury’s profile as a recognised nature based destination in the national marketplace and significantly increase visitation to Wonga Wetlands.


To create an integrated suite of nature-based adventures that draw their distinctiveness from the more unique character of the Wonga Wetlands and surrounding landscape. These experiences would reflect varying levels of adventure and build on the natural qualities of the site, creating a robust and unique destination with capacity to expand as a destination for Albury.

Wonga Wetlands masterplan map

For a full version of the Wonga Wetlands Tourism Product Development Masterplan click here