Temporary Vehicle Access to Parks, Reserves or Bushland

AlburyCity's parks, reserves and bushland plays a significant role in the well-being of the community. They provide recreation opportunities, biodiversity benefits and create a sense of identity for local communities.

Historically, many residents living in properties adjoining public parks, reserves and bushland areas have made use of that land to access the rear of their properties with vehicles. While the majority of residents have done so with minimal impact on the area there has been an increasing number of cases where vehicle access through public land has caused a detrimental impact on the environment and community in that area.

To manage this issue and alleviate the risks that the previous access arrangements placed on the community, AlburyCity have developed a process for residents or contractors wishing to drive vehicles through public land.

The 'Temporary Access Application' ensures that AlburyCity can manage parks, reserves and bushland areas in the best interests of the whole community whilst still acknowledging that the ability to access the rear of a property can be a legitimate request from residents. Allowing temporary access provides benefits such as reducing the time to undertake building or landscape works and minimising traffic disruptions from construction sites.

Request Temporary Vehicle Access through Park, Reserve or Bushland