Noreuil Park Outdoor Fitness Zone

Note: The shade over the fitness equipment will be removed from Tuesday 5 February for repairs. It should reinstalled by the weekend. 

Update: The shade cloth has been repaired and is back over the fitness equipment. 

The Noreuil Park Outdoor Fitness Zone has been installed to meet the community's desire for more recreational opportunities within our riverside precinct.

It has been designed to meet the fitness needs of all ages and ability levels, by providing a mix of both hydraulic resistance and body-weight activities.

There are 13 items of exercise equipment, including parallel and chin-up bars while the hydraulic machines are all fully adjustable.

You don’t need to be an exercise junkie to use the zone. In fact, if you’re a first-timer, each item of equipment has a small ‘how-to’ notice to tell you how to get started.

Just a stone’s throw from the Murray’s edge, the fitness zone provides an environment where people can exercise while enjoying the quiet serenity of the riverside precinct.

It’s Albury’s first fitness station that uses hydraulic equipment and complements static exercise zones in Lavington and East Albury. All are free to use and no bookings are needed.

The project has been jointly funded by AlburyCity with assistance from the NSW Government's Community Building Partnership program.

The final stages of the Outdoor Fitness Zone have been completed with the addition of a shade structure (January 2018) and water station (May 2018).