Lake Hume is located immediately downstream of the Murray River and Mitta Mitta River confluence, 16 kilometres east of Albury Wodonga. Lake Hume is 305 kilometres from the mountain source and 2,225 kilometres from the Murray mouth at Goolwa in South Australia.


Lake Hume has a submerged area of 20,019 hectares


3,005,157 ML


Releases from Hume Dam and downstream tributary streams supply irrigation, domestic and stock and urban demands to Victoria and New South Wales, and provide about one-third of South Australia's entitlement. In very dry years, releases are made specifically for South Australian requirements and are supplemented by transfers from Dartmouth Dam.


Lake Hume is the major storage for the Murray River system and also water discharged from the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. Inflows occur during the winter until the end of spring each year while releases occur usually between December and May. The Lake is regularly drawn down to less than 50% by the end of autumn

Hume Dam is jointly managed by Victorian and New South Wales authorities on behalf of the MDBA. Goulburn-Murray Water manages water and land located in Victoria, and WaterNSW is responsible for day-to-day operation and maintenance and the management of major remedial works.


The construction of the Hume Dam commenced on 28 November 1919 and was completed in 1936. The construction site was initially referred to as ‘the Mitta Mitta Dam site', but in February 1920 the River Murray Commission adopted the name ‘Hume Reservoir' to honour Hamilton Hume, who was one of the first Europeans to see and cross the River Murray.

Lake Hume Land and On-Water Management Plan

A Land and On Water Management Plans (L&OWMP) was originally develop for Lake Hume, in conjunction with key stakholders and the community, in 2008 and ultimately updated in 2015.

Issues addressed in the plan include:

  • increasing community awareness and involvement
  • community safety
  • recreation and tourism
  • maintaining healthy ecosystems
  • cultural heritage
  • the operational management of lakes, dams and reservoirs, including filling and releases, are outside the scope of the plan.

To find out out more on Lake Hume and other water storages along the Murray River visit the Goulburn Murray Water Website