Become a ClimateWatch Citizen Scientist

Visitors to the Albury Botanic Gardens can now download a free ClimateWatch smartphone app to record and find out more about the plants and animals that live in the gardens.

Your observations will help scientists understand how changes in temperature and rainfall are affecting behaviour of animals and plants. Your observations will be uploaded to the Atlas of Living Australia and can be accessed free of charge by the general public and scientists studying climate change.

The app provides information about various plants and animals that can be spotted in the garden including the Eastern Spinebill or crimson bells of the Illawarra Flame tree.

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ClimateWatch is a national citizen science network that focuses on gathering meaningful environmental data by expanding public participation in scientific research. It was jointly developed by Eathwatch Australia, Bureau of Meteorology and University of Melbourne and launched in 2009. To date, it has attracted over 20,000 users who have made close to 100,000 sightings. 

Every Australian can be a citizen scientist by collecting and recording data through ClimateWatch. This invaluable information will help scientists better understand how climate change is affecting our wildlife and shape the country's response to climate change.

To find out more visit the ClimateWatch website.

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Albury Botanic Gardens ClimateWatch Trail

aerial map of the Botanic Gardens