Fellowes Park

Location - bound by Rau Street, Tara Ave, Vallombrosa Street and Stranraer Ave

Suburb - East Albury

Description - Small local Park set in a residential area. The park has mature trees with play equipment and seating.

History - J.E.R. Fellowes was Curator of the Albury Botanic Gardens from 1901 until 1937. Fellowes changed the layout of the gardens from the straight paths to the meandering layout you see today. He was also instrumental in planting a large number of the mature trees you see in the  Botanic Gardens today such as the Queensland Kauri.

Play Equipment & facilities - Swings, spring rocker, slide and multi activity equipment. seats, water tap and some shade.


How do I find the Park?

Land Status

Land Owner - AlburyCity

Land Classification - Community

Land Category - Park

Refer - Plan of Management for Community Land