Fairway Gardens Playground

Location - Fairway Gardens Road

Suburb - Thurgoona - Fairway Gardens

Description - A local park with a small set of play equipment and landscaping that encourages interactive play. Pathways link the estate to the golf course while the large number of trees will ultimately provide a vegetation link between the wooded area to the north and the trees within the Thurgoona Golf Club.

History - The community had input into the design of the park through the AlburyCity placemaking group and a park party. The information gathered through the community engagement process was used by the landscape architect to develop the park design. The majority of funding was provided through Council however the developer contributed funds to establish the vegetation links. The park was completed in August 2017

Planned improvements - No further improvements are planned for this Park at this time.

How do I find the Park?

Land Status

Land Owner - AlburyCity

Land Classification - Community

Category - Park

(refer Plan Of Management)