Writing Home: The World War One Letters of Frank Brown

The Writing Home: WWI Letters of Frank Brown eResource is designed for students and teachers studying WWI. The resource contains extracts from letters written by Captain Lew Hewish during World War One to his friend, Frank Brown. Both men were from Albury and the letters offer a fascinating insight into the battle and home front experiences of men from the Albury region during this period. The resource includes recorded and transcribed extracts plus extended transcripts of full letters for study and research. The resource also includes suggested activities based on the letters for classroom use.

Apple devices: The free iBook can be downloaded here or can be downloaded from the iBooks store. The resource includes all necessary audio files and transcripts.Once the book is downloaded an internet connection is not required to access the material.

Android and PC: A PDF version eResource can be downloaded here. Please note that the PDF is a text version of the interactive eResource and does not include the audio files or extended letter transcripts, these can be accessed by clicking the links in the PDF. An internet connection is required to access these files.

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