Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated 23 July 2019)

Why was a decision made to undertake an Organisation Review?

There were a number of reasons for the review of the organisation structure, including;

  • The Local Government Act 1993 requires Council to determine an organisation structure following consultation with the General Manager
  • The Council is required to review the structure within 12 months following an election and may also review the structure at any time
  • The review is aligned with Council’s ongoing continuous improvement philosophy
  • The review was also consistent with previous reports to Council to undertake further reviews of the structure as and when opportunities arose

What is the rationale for the new organisation structure?

The new structure was determined on the basis of;

  • Ensuring the most effective alignment of functions to deliver on Albury 2030
  • Providing AlburyCity with a structure that is both contemporary and best practice
  • Maximising opportunities to continue to ensure AlburyCity is future focussed
  • Further strengthening AlburyCity’s position as a high-performing Council
  • Ensuring effective opportunities for succession planning and strong leadership
  • Ensuring a strategic focus for Executive leader roles
  • Aligning with AlburyCity’s Values and Guiding Principles
  • Building on existing themes from AlburyCity strategies/plans, including;
    • Employee Opinion Survey – performance management and innovation
    • Leadership Framework – 360 degree feedback
    • Service & Efficiency Review Program – overall continuous improvement
    • Brand Strategy - focusing on People, Place and Progress

When did the new structure come into effect?

  • The new structure became effective from 1 July 2019.

What is the Executive Leadership Group?

  • The Executive Leadership Group replaces the former Management Executive (MANEX) and comprises the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Frank Zaknich, Deputy CEO Business, Growth and Community, Tracey Squire and Deputy CEO Infrastructure, Planning and Environment, Brad Ferris.

What is the new Service Model?

  • The new Service Model is made up of 10 service clusters, led by a Service Leader, who will report to the Deputy CEOs. These clusters focus on our brand narrative pillars of people, place and progress.
  • The new Service Model will take effect from 1 October 2019.
  • View the Service Model

What are the service clusters and what is their purpose?


Our City Landscapes Service Cluster is entrusted with taking care of our beautiful place. Its purpose is to ensure that our natural areas and recreational spaces and streetscapes are preserved, well maintained and continue to inspire, nurture and generate wellbeing in everyone, every day.


Our Community and Place Service Cluster plays a key role in enhancing our city’s rich tapestry. Its purpose is to contribute to a vibrant, united, caring and inviting community through integrated planning and delivery of a range of community, social, creative and cultural services.


Our Assets, Sustainability and Environment Service Cluster is charged with looking after our future. Its purpose is to manage the city’s natural and built environment and assets in a structured and sustainable way to ensure the future well-being and liveability of our city for generations to come.


Our Engagement Service Cluster connects us with our community and each other. Its purpose is to ensure we deliver customer service excellence, have a strong and compelling narrative and that we are highly engaged with our many and varied audiences.


Our People and Culture Service Cluster is focused on ensuring we all do a great job for our community. Its purpose is to help build a positive workplace culture, to ensure that our people are valued, feel safe and are motivated and inspired to make better things happen.


Our Strategy and Performance Service Cluster keeps us accountable and future focused. Its purpose is to promote and encourage business excellence, ensure that we are financially responsible and are performing at the highest level possible.


Our Business and Lifestyle Service Cluster is a major player in our city’s liveability and economic growth.  Its purpose is to attract and retain business, help draw new people into our city, encourage visitation and actively seek out and promote events and activities to keep our city lively and ahead of the curve.


Our City Development Service Cluster ensures that we are planning and preparing for our growing community. Its purpose is to facilitate a strategic and visionary approach to development, aligning community demands with built forms, services, open spaces, land use and connectivity.


Our City Projects Service Cluster delivers our projects and services. Its purpose is to ensure effective project management and the timely delivery of exceptional, high quality products that benefit our community and the broader region.


Our Water and Wastewater Service Cluster delivers water and wastewater services to our community. Its purpose is to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our community by providing high quality services with customer focus and to ensure that our operations are well managed and maintained.

What will the focus be for the Service Leaders?

There will need to be an enhanced future focus for the Service Leader roles. Specifically this includes;

  • Greater authority for operational management and decision making
  • Increased accountability for delivery of service and financial outcomes
  • Providing strong leadership to build/foster the desired culture throughout their service/function, the broader department and the organisation
  • Stronger management and overall accountability for the effective service delivery of programs/functions within their area of responsibility
  • Contributing to the strategy, leadership and management of Council
  • Ensuring effective support to the CEO and Deputy CEOs – through strong leadership and capacity to deliver results

What happens if my role is impacted?

It is anticipated that there will be very minimal impact on operational/professional positions. Not only are we taking a “business as usual” approach, there will be an ongoing need to continue to deliver high level/quality services to the community.

In addition, there will be opportunities for additional roles in a number of service clusters within the new structure.

Direct and specific consultation will be undertaken with impacted employees and we will ensure that the provisions of the Local Government (State) Award are followed at all times.

Any roles that are impacted through the implementation of the new structure will be considered in line with AlburyCity’s Principles for Position Changes and/or Redundancy.

Specifically, when dealing with impacted roles, it is our intention to look at options for transfer, redeployment and internal recruitment opportunities, prior to considering redundancies.

What support will be available for employees during the implementation?

Support will be available for all of our people as part of the ongoing implementation of the revised structure. This will include;

  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Career and professional development support
  • Further 360 degree feedback opportunities
  • Leadership development support
  • change management sessions

Further details regarding these support services will be provided in the coming months.

How will I be kept updated on the progress of the Implementation Plan?

We will continue to release regular and meaningful communication where updates are available.

This will include email updates from the CEO and further updates to this list of FAQs.