Why are we reviewing the way our Council team works?

We have been working with our community for many years to develop an exciting plan for the future of Albury, culminating in our Albury 2030 Community Strategic Plan and our refreshed, exciting brand proposition and identity.

Albury 2030 sees us becoming a ‘nationally significant regional city that is vibrant, innovative, connected and inspired by our culture, environment and location on the Murray River.’ Our organisation must be fit for the purpose of delivering on these commitments to our community.

This relies on us being a community-led organisation - putting the People, Place and Progress of Albury at the front and centre of how we are organised, manage ourselves, prioritise our activities and programs, execute our responsibilities and work together as a team.

In short, we are ensuring AlburyCity is the best Council it can be for our Community - for what we all need today and for what, together, we have envisioned for tomorrow.

What are our priorities to deliver?

AlburyCity is the facilitator of a thriving, resilient and liveable city full of opportunities and the custodians of an environment like no other.

In this role we must:

  • Consistently deliver best-in-class leadership, services and facilities to provide exceptional living for our community;
  • Create more, bigger and better opportunities for people to work and do business in Albury;
  • Provide a diverse and unique range of cultural, recreational and natural experiences to appeal to all members of our growing local, and regional, community;
  • Take care of our place, ensuring a thriving, sustainable and enjoyable environment for all; and
  • Plan, progress and build a place that is even more attractive to new residents, businesses and investment.

Our AlburyCity promise and commitment to our community, partners and other stakeholders is that with city and nature, commerce and culture, community and opportunity, Albury is place where everyone can find their future.

How will we position for success?

To ensure we meet all our objectives and promises by prioritising our focus on People, Place and Progress, the General Manager will transition to the role of Chief Executive Officer with a greater focus on advocacy, strategy, vision and purpose and we have developed two new overarching strategic directorates.

Each directorate will be led by a Deputy CEO, who is responsible for ensuring that all of our diverse functions are working together to achieve the direction and objectives of their respective directorates, as we all contribute to delivering on our shared Council and community vision.

Business, Growth & Community Directorate

Our Business, Growth & Community Directorate focuses on providing more and better, opportunities for our people and our place.

The groups within this directorate will empower our people, city and region to strive for more and to champion the significance of Albury as a national destination for life, work, culture, sport, entertainment, business and investment.

We build relationships and promote engaging and actionable dialogue with our community and our partners. We ensure good governance and we facilitate a highly engaged, satisfied and well-informed workforce.

The current functional groupings in this directorate include:

  • Business & Investment
  • Commercial Business
  • Business Services & Performance
  • Engagement
  • Cultural Development
  • Corporate Finance
  • Organisation Development

Infrastructure, Planning & Environment

Our Infrastructure, Planning & Environment Directorate focuses on maintaining and improving our special and unique city and its surrounds.

The groups within this directorate take care of our place as well as ensure that we grow and develop the city in a planned, balanced and sustainable way.

We invest in and build infrastructure to meet everyone’s needs, and we provide and maintain quality facilities and services that rival, and even surpass those in larger cities. We are also responsible for preserving our natural environment across our many and varied landscapes.

The current functional groupings in this directorate include:

  • Water & Wastewater
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Infrastructure Delivery
  • Project Delivery
  • Planning & Building
  • Sustainability & Environment

Could this impact our team, our responsibilities or our roles?

While it is our aim to keep or create as many opportunities as possible for our existing Council team in this organisational review, there will be changes to roles and responsibilities that may impact some people.

This may be as much about who you are working with and how, as it could be about any change to role focus, accountability and job opportunities.

Throughout the review process, we will continue to provide as much information as we can through a number of channels, including:

  • A regular email update and video messages from our General Manager, Frank Zaknich
  • Regular team briefings and Q&As from Frank
  • A web-based internal platform that will be home to all the key information and news on the review

For any of our people who are directly affected by a change in job roles and responsibilities, we will undertake a comprehensive and specific consultation process in line with the Local Government (State) Award and AlburyCity’s Principles for Position Changes and/or Redundancy.

It is always our intention to support any impacted team members in finding a new opportunity via transfer, redeployment and internal recruitment opportunities, prior to considering redundancies.

How can I find out more?

We understand that any change in an organisation creates lots of questions and worries, as well as great ideas that people want to share.

Above all else, we want to make this review process as smooth and as clear for you as possible. So if you have questions or concerns, please discuss with Frank.

We've developed some frequently asked questions which may provide some clarity for you.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Background

    Update 19 July 2018

    This update includes a link to the implementation plan, which details the next steps and indicative timelines.  We've also put together a series of frequently asked questions in response to feedback received via Directors and the General Manager over the past few weeks.  These FAQs will be updated as the process continues.

    Update 25 June 2018

    The document below provides a summary of the revised organisation structure adopted by Council on Monday 25 June, 2018.

    Update 20 June, 2018

    On Monday 25 June, Council will consider the following reports as part of the ongoing organisation review which has been underway since May 2017.

    Previous updates relating to the organisational structure review can be found on Linx.