Supplier information

For more information on the criteria around Work Health and Safety, Social Procurement and Environmental Sustainability when supplying to AlburyCity, please read the information below.

Alternatively, you can download the Supplier Fact Sheet here.

  • Contractor Work Health and Safety

    AlburyCity is committed to work health and safety (WHS) and recognises its duty to ensure the health and safety of all persons potentially impacted by its activities. A comprehensive safety management system has been implemented, consistent with Australian Standards, which provides a high standard of workplace health and safety and aims for zero harm.

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  • Social Procurement

    AlburyCity is committed to community and business growth and will seek to incorporate social benefit into all Council procurement within the context of purchasing on a value for money basis.

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  • Environmental Sustainability

    Value for money purchasing decisions made by the council are made on the basis of whole of life cost and non-price factors including contribution to the council’s sustainability objectives. AlburyCity is committed to achieving sustainability and ensuring it monitors and reports on council activities and programs that have an impact on or contribute to the environment.

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