Resourcing Strategy

AlburyCity has developed a number of strategies and plans that outline how Council will deliver on Albury 2030 including a Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Strategy and Plans and a Workforce Management Strategy.

Long Term Financial Plan

It is crucial that financial planning for Albury 2030 is undertaken to test community aspirations against financial realities. The AlburyCity Long Term Financial Plan is a 10-year plan intended as a guide for future action. It is integrated with Albury 2030 through the four-year Delivery Program and the one-year Operational Plan.

Asset Management Strategy

The Asset Management Strategy considers 'whole-of-life' asset management from planning, purchase, operation and maintenance to disposal of assets. New requests for infrastructure identified within Albury 2030 must be considered and costed from purchase to disposal.

Albury 2030 is integrated with the Asset Management Strategy, enabling Council to show how the assets support the service delivery and infrastructure needs of the Albury community. The Asset Management Strategy forecasts community requirements and the capacity to meet them on a short, medium and long-term basis.

The following are associated documents to the Asset Management Strategy:

Workforce Management Strategy

To undertake the strategic actions and work towards the long-term outcomes identified within Albury 2030, Council must plan for its medium- and long-term human resource requirements. The Workforce Management Strategy extends for a minimum of four years and addresses issues for Albury 2030 outcomes such as staff development, skill shortages, an ageing workforce, and succession planning.