AlburyCity welcomes Financial Assistance Grants

Each year councils across Australia welcome Financial Assistance Grants provided by the Australian Government. Councils are responsible for 33% of public infrastructure including 75% of roads, but only raise 3.6% of taxes.

Financial Assistance Grants funding at the national level has declined from around 1% of Commonwealth Taxation Revenue in 1996 to a current figure of around 0.55%. AlburyCity has joined a Statewide push to get a fairer share of Federal funding.

These grants are essential for many councils, particularly those in regional areas. AlburyCity receives in the order of $6.4M per year which supports services across our whole delivery program.

The Australian Government has released to councils 50% of the allocated 2019/20 Financial Assistance Grants early, with AlburyCity receiving $3.2M in June 2019.

AlburyCity has budgeted to expend our allocation during the 2019/20 financial year to deliver essential local infrastructure and services to our growing community.