End of Term Report

As a requirement under the NSW Local Government Act (Section 428) all NSW local councils must complete an End of Term Report due 30 November in the year in which an ordinary election is held. This report must be provided to the final meeting of the outgoing council.

AlburyCity End of Term Reports contain information on the implementation of the Albury 2030 Community Strategic Plan outcomes and the progression toward the community’s long-term vision.

The strategies and actions within Albury 2030 are not the sole responsibility of AlburyCity. The End of Term Report outlines achievements of projects and targets for AlburyCity through the four-year Delivery Program (Primary Targets), and other stakeholders and state agencies (Partnership and Support Targets).

The 2012 End of Term Report was presented to Council on 27 August 2012.

The 2016 End of Term Report was presented to Council on 22 August 2016