A Leading Community

The Albury 2030 theme A Leading Community will establish strong government and regional networks, empowering the community to contribute to the future direction of the city, and provide inclusive decision-making processes.

The Strategic Actions listed under each Albury 2030 outcome (community goals) show what needs to be done to achieve the aspirations of the community plan. NSW Government agencies, other key stakeholders, groups and individuals may have responsibilities for implementing the strategic actions.

The table below shows the AlburyCity plans and strategies that are helping achieve our community goals:


Outcome (community goals)

AlburyCity Plan or Strategy
4.1 The community is consulted on all major changes that will affect them
4.2 Regional issues are addressed through an integrated approach 

4.3 The Albury community provides resources and opportunities to develop  future leaders

4.4 Albury plans and leads with good governance