Planning for our future

As a NSW local Council, we need to work under a planning framework (called Integrated Planning and Reporting - 'IP&R') to ensure we can deliver on what you told us you want to see for the future.  Under this framework, we ask you about your goals for the future and then ensure we plan to be able to afford to deliver on what you tell us.  The IP&R framework requires us to prepare a long-term Community Strategic Plan - 'Albury 2030', and a number of other strategies to show how we can deliver on our community goals.

We review and update Albury 2030 every four years in line with the local council elections.

We are guided by the Local Government Act 1993, Chapter 3 Principles for local government Section 8A 'Guiding principles for councils' and Section 8C 'Integrated planning and reporting principles that apply to councils'.

Our last Albury 2030 review - 2016

We completed extensive community consultation during the 2016 review and saw over 1,000 responses from you, the community and other stakeholders. We used the information to develop a draft plan that was on 'public exhibition' for six weeks during March and April 2017.  Nine submissions were received during the public exhibition period and these were considered before we presented the plan to Council for final adoption.

The new Albury 2030 was adopted by Council on 24 April 2017. This reviewed plan guides our decision-making. We will oversee its implementation and report back to you on progress. The next review of Albury 2030 is in 2020.

The diagram below shows the IP&R Framework and the different plans and strategies we need to develop to ensure we can achieve our community's aspirations for the future.

graphic illustraing reporting framework