Water and sewer charges

All of our water customers are charged rates which include an 'access' charge and a 'consumption' charge.

Find out more about AlburyCity's Water and Sewerage fees and charges.

Understanding your water bill

Water bills are issued three times a year with consumption charges based on a user pays system.

A typical bill has three charges:

  • Water access charge – this is a fixed charge
  • Sewerage treatment charge – this is a fixed charge
  • Water consumption charge (this is the amount of water you use).

Water consumption charge

A consumption charge is applied to every kilolitre (1,000 litres) of water you use and is measured by your water meter.

Your water bill will show how much water you have used in the billing period. The bill also shows how much water you used in the previous billing period. This will alter depending on the times of year. For example you would expect higher consumption during the hot summer months.

On the back of your bill there are two graphs. The one titled "Your water consumption summary" is the amount of water used for the current billing period (kilolitres) compared to the previous three billing periods. We recommend that you compare the left column (labelled same time last year) and the right column (labelled current year). The two middle columns can be misleading to compare against as you could be comparing a winter period against a summer period.

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