What happens if I don't pay my accounts?

Recovery action may commence for all debts unless a payment plan is entered into that is agreeable to Council and adhered to.

Interest accrues on a daily basis in accordance with the Local Government Act, on rates and charges, water and sewer accounts that remain unpaid after they become due and payable.

Your account may be referred to Council's debt recovery agency where legal action may be undertaken, which could affect your credit rating and you will be liable for legal costs incurred.

For unpaid water and sewerage accounts, recovery action may include installation of a water flow restrictor and possible disconnection of water supply to the property. Removal of restrictors or reconnection will not occur until the amount owing is paid in full along with the associated fees.

If you are experiencing difficulty please contact our Customer Service Centre on 02 6023 8111 or alternatively email info@alburycity.nsw.gov.au to enter into a payment plan.