Thurgoona Community Space Construction

At the corner of Thurgoona Drive and Table Top Road the construction of the Thurgoona community space is underway. Works include:

  • Construction of concrete pathways
  • Erection of three shelters
  • Installation of seating
  • Installation of drinking fountain
  • Installation of a bike rack
  • Tree planting
  • Other landscaping works

The project is part funded by developer contribution.

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12 April 2019

The installation of bike racks, drinking water, decorative timber infill posts on the shelters and the final panels of the fencing completes the construction of the park. The temporary fencing has been removed and the space is now being used by the community.

5 April 2019

The landscaping works are complete. The fencing commenced this week. With only minor works planned early next week the area will be open to the public by the end of next week.

22 March 2019

Concrete works were completed this week with the majority of the planting. Turf has also been laid before the rain.

22 March 2019

Tree planting was completed this week with other landscape planting and mulch well underway

15 March 2019

The remaining concrete seats were constructed this week while the installation of the pathways has commenced.


9 March 2019

Two of the concrete seats are installed while two others are ready to be poured. A section of garden edging has been poured while are large section gas been prepared. A section of pathway is also ready to be poured.

2 March 2019

Shelters were erected this week with footings completed for the seating. Other pathway preparation continues.

22 February 2019

Site demolition complete and mark out underway. Preparation for concreting continues

15 February 2019

Demolition commenced this week with the old concrete pathway being removed. Preparation for new concrete areas has also started.

27 January  2019

The site has had two applications of herbicide to manage the weeds with one more scheduled next week. Temporary fencing has been erected and survey pegs have now been installed. Demolition is due to commence in early February.