Stocking the shelves to meet growing demand

Albury residents have borrowed more than 325,000 items from our libraries this year - and it wasn’t only books taken off the shelf. Also in high demand were audio books, magazines, and surprisingly DVDs, despite the era of on demand TV.

Albury’s most popular genre last year was Thriller, with Force of Nature by Jane Harper being the most borrowed. Scott Pape’s bestseller The Barefoot Investor was the most borrowed non-fiction book, and Nowhere Else by Fiona McCallum was the most listened to audio book. The most borrowed adult DVD was Big Little Lies and most borrowed children’s DVD was Inside Out.

As you can see, our library services are highly valued by the community, and we are committed to ensuring our resources are up to date and relevant. This financial year, $200k will be invested in purchasing new stock under the LibraryMuseum’s Acquisition fund.

Much thought is given to the titles acquired throughout the year, ensuring an even spread across: popular authors, local authors, blockbuster titles, large-print, audio books, languages other than English spoken by Albury residents, and engaging books for kids and teens.

Books arrive weekly, so be sure to head into the LibraryMuseum regularly for a look, and a loan.