Albury Waste Management Centre Solar Project

We're working together with LMS energy and Joule energy to install 4,000 solar panels on a rehabilitated landfill area at the Albury Waste Management Centre. This will be known as the "Albury Renewable Energy Hub".

The new solar farm will produce enough energy to power approximately 400 homes or over 1,000 electricity users in the local community.

The solar panels will combine with the existing landfill gas system to increase the renewable energy capacity of the site.  The existing gas methane system provides electricity to approximately 1500 homes, the solar panels will increase this further, meaning that 1900 homes will be powered by renewable energy.

Joule Energy are also installing an electric vehicle recharging station at the landfill that members of the public are welcome to use.

You can read more about the solar project and other cool facts by downloading the LMS Energy Fact Sheet.