Albury Regional Skate Park

There's an allocation of $180,000 in the draft budget for detailed designs of the proposed Albury Regional Skate Park in David Street.

The plan includes:

  • Two covered bowls – one for beginners, the other advanced
  • An extensive street skating section
  • An outdoor half basketball court
  • A fitness/parkour area

In July 2018, AlburyCity endorsed the Albury Skate and BMX Strategy to direct the development of facilities across the city.

The regional skate park proposal has been guided by skate park users and the wider community through a ‘Have a Say’ process and other feedback channels in 2018 and 2019.

Using that feedback, we’ve worked with skate park design specialists, PLAYCE, and skate/BMX enthusiasts to create concept designs for a skate park that will put Albury on the map as a destination for skaters and riders from far and wide.

Under the plan, the existing skate park in David Street will be upgraded to regional level, providing a wider range of opportunities and facilities for skaters and riders.

The new park will offer a return to the “street style” where skating began and will include activities for the whole family.

There’ll be shade structures, new seating and access to drinking stations. Toilet facilities will be available during day time at the adjacent J.C. King Park netball centre, which is also undergoing a major redevelopment.

Once the detailed design process is completed, Council will seek grant funding to help make the $2.5M project a reality.