QEII Square Master Plan


In early 2015, AlburyCity adopted the QEII Square Master Plan, a long-term vision to create a contemporary, vibrant and exciting inner-city space for a growing and future Albury.

The master plan works are valued at $1.8M and it's proposed they be implemented over four stages with Stage 1 commencing in 2015-2016.

This first stage will involve resurfacing the concourse and paving, improving lighting and installing electrical conduits as well as the installation of public art commissions, artisan seating, new bins, bollards and signage.

The second stage, proposed for 2017-2018 incorporates new landscaping, seating and pathways. With the final stage in 2019-2020 to include the commission of a new Bus shelter and additional trees and seating. 

The master plan also proposes planting an additional 21 mature trees ranging from three metres to five metres in height over the next six years.

Project update 

  • Landscape works are progressing well  
  • Underground power has been installed in some areas and conduit in preparation for the future installation of power/lighting in future stages has also been installed
  • Drinking water is installed  
  • Irrigation system installed
  • Garden beds installed
  • Trees planted on the west side of the promenade  
  • Seating installed 
  • Former Woods Lane reconstruction is well underway 
  • Retro Lane Cafe complete and open