Lauren Jackson Sports Centre Upgrade

More than 160,000 participants use the Lauren Jackson Sports Centre each year for a range of activities and events. Many participants are local sports teams of all ages, while others are visiting for tournaments and events, bringing economic benefit to our region.

This financial year we'll invest $250K in detailed investigations and planning for Stage 1 upgrades to ensure our facility is bought up modern standards and accessible for all users. These improvements are set to further establish the Lauren Jackson Sports Centre as one of the regions premiere sporting and event destinations.

Stage 1 improvements include:

  • Fixed retractable seating for the main court to increase capacity to 1400 (currently 1100). This seating style will protect the playing surface and provide versatility in venue set-up (allowing for sports events, concerts, conferences, trade fairs etc.)
  • Realignment and upgrade of courts, including: run offs for basketball/netball, floorplates for netball/badminton and an extended walkway on the northern end of all courts
  • Replacement of sports court flooring
  • Construction of accessible and family change facilities and amenities
  • Construction of an additional set of change rooms
  • New roof and guttering
  • Improvements to the Centre’s façade
  • Additional office space for key user groups
  • Upgraded café
  • Additional back-of-house storage

Community consultation has been undertaken from October last year to ensure upgrades will meet the needs of all users.