Kerr Road - stage 4

Stage four in the reconstruction of Kerr Road at Thurgoona is nearing completion, with 430 metres of the road between Pickworth Street and Stirling Way being resurfaced, widened and landscaped.

As part of the works, new footpaths are being laid along Kerr Road and Pickworth Street. These will be enhanced with landscaping and seating as part of plans to improve connections between communities in the area.

Other works undertaken as part of stage four include:

  • Construction of 5752 square metres of new pavement;
  • 870 metres of kerb and guttering;
  • 230 metres of piped drainage;
  • 115 metres of retaining walls;
  • 90 metres of 600mm water supply pipe installation;
  • 2,335 square metres of paved pathways; and
  • Landscaping and one passive recreation stop.

The project is part of extensive planning for the growth of Thurgoona/Wirlinga which is expected to become home to an extra 50,000 people over the next 50 years.

Stage four is due to be completed in August 2018.

In stages five and six, a further $2.6M will be spent on completing Kerr Rd all the way from the Riverina Highway north through to Thurgoona Drive, including a new roundabout at Thurgoona Drive.

As the area continues to grow, the Kerr Road redevelopment will continue north to provide access to Table Top Road, Elizabeth Mitchell Drive and the Davey Road freeway interchanges, easing traffic pressures as the community expands and improving safety for motorists and pedestrians.

Stages one and two of Kerr Road from the Riverina Highway heading north, covering approximately 1100m, were completed in 2015 and stage three up to the southern side of Pickworth St was completed in 2017.