Environmental Lands Strategy, Planning and Maintenance

The 2019-20 draft budget allocates funds to kick off an exciting new era for the management of Albury’s environmental lands.

Fifty-five parcels of bushland set aside as the Albury Environmental Lands (AEL) by the Albury Wodonga Development Corporation have now been gifted to AlburyCity, along with funding of approximately $4.5M to pay for improvement and preservation of the sites over the medium to long term.

It means just over 600 hectares of important ecological lands will be enhanced for future generations to enjoy.

The land parcels have been zoned for environmental management and their transfer to the Albury community means we can begin planning for improvements such as revegetation or walking trails.

The Albury Environmental Lands are spread across the city but many are in the Thurgoona area, where preservation and improvement will help to ensure the survival of endangered species such as the squirrel glider.

Community groups will be asked to work with Council to achieve the best outcomes for nature and residents.

The transfer of ownership will take effect from 1 July 2019.