Endeavour Park Improvements

Funding has been successful through NSW Government grant program, Everyone Can Play, to undertake improvements to Endeavour Park. The $45,000 allocation combined with AlburyCity funding of $50,000 will see the project commence in August 2019.

A master plan for the park was developed after a park party where surrounding residents had an opportunity to have input in the park landscape plan. The works to be undertaken as part of this project include:

  • Upgrade of play area including an all access basket swing
  • Installation of shade over the play area
  • Improve pathways through the park
  • Inclusion of skate/scooter elements
  • Improve the existing basketball court
  • Tree planting
  • Additional seating and wheelchair friendly picnic tables

The project is scheduled to completed in October 2019

Endeavour Park Landscape Plan - View larger plan

20 September 2019

Seating has been installed with additional play area being prepared. The construction of the skate elements continue

13 September 2019

The circular pathway around the play area is complete. Work has commenced on the outdoor basketball area and skate elements.

30 August 2019

Works commenced on the improvements at Endeavour Park this week. Site preparation and formwork for the circular pathway is underway.

Park Existing conditions