Construction and Demolition Recycling Facility Construction

Albury City Council recently received $2,021,947 million as part of the NSW Environment Protection Authority’s Major Resource Recovery Infrastructure Grant Program.

This project will enable Council to build a dry/inert Commercial and Industrial/Construction and Demolition recycling facility to achieve an increased throughput and recovery rate. This infrastructure will expand the tonnage and range of materials recovered, while also providing environmental, social and economic benefits, including achieving the region's ambition of halving waste to landfill. This facility will be an enclosed facility providing engineered infrastructure, ie conveyor belts, automated separators etc, to maximise recycling.

The facility is designed to receive and process in excess of 20,000 tonnes of Commercial and Industrial/Construction and Demolition material annually.

In addition, the NSW Environment Protection Authority awarded Albury City Council $445,840 for mattress and pallet recycling infrastructure at the Albury Waste Management Centre. The funding will be used to expand the resource recovery operations for the recovery of pallets, mattresses and soft furnishings. The project is to install a shredder and de-nailing pallet processing unit to recover additional tonnes of pallet timber and install mattress processing equipment to recover steel and textiles from mattresses and soft furnishings. The benefits from this project will assist with further employment opportunities for the local community, preservation of landfill space, generate revenue from the commercial sale of recycled products and supply material to the local market.