Alexandra Park - Murrayfield Reconstruction

Estimated commencement date - August 2018

Estimated completion date - December 2018

The sportsfield renovation program identifies addressing the subsidence (due to the previous use landfill) and upgrading the irrigation system as priorities to be undertaken after the winter season - $323,060

The project scope includes:

  • The removal and replacement of kerb and footpath that has subsided
  • Stripping of existing surface
  • Importation of sportsfield sand
  • Shaping and levelling of surfaces to desired levels
  • Installation of new irrigation system (two stages)
    • Stage one - irrigation pump and shed
    • Stage two - Installation pipework and sprinklers
  • Line planing of Santa Ana couch

7 December

Importation and levelling of sand is complete while line planting of the couch grass was also completed this week. The sportsfield will now be irrigated day and night until establishment.

26 November

Importing and levelling the growing sand is nearing completion and continues this week. Line planting of the couch grass is scheduled for early December

19 November

Works continue this week on importing and levelling the growing sand this week. Line planting of the couch grass is scheduled for early December

11 November

Irrigation works are complete and the importation of the growing sand has commenced.

Update 6 October

Trenching complete and poly pipe laid out ready to install

Update 24 September

The replacement of the kerb and footpath has been completed while the stage 1 levelling of the playing surface was completed last week. The irrigation mark out and trenching has commenced this week.

Update 24 August

This week the grass was removed and playing surface in readiness for stage one levelling