Honour Roll

Our Honour Roll recognises local heroes who have received an Albury Award or who are an Australian honour recipient.

Australian Honour Recipients

Australian honours recognise and celebrate ordinary Australians who show courage, self-sacrifice, dedication, love and service to their community and humanity. Listed here are the recipients who are an Australian honour recipient. (type in postcodes 2640 and 2641)

Albury Award Recipients

We are proud to acknowledge Albury Award recipients who have been recognised and rewarded for their selfless dedication, time and energy for the benefit of our city.

Name Award Year Received
Peter DrummondCitizen2019
Libbity AlexanderYoung Citizen2019
The Rotary Club of AlburyCommunity Group2019
Rosemary CreedVolunteer2019
Graham SmithCitizen  2018
Isabella PercyYoung Citizen2018
City2City CommitteeCommunity Group2018
Kevin KennedyVolunteer 2018
Carl FriedliebCitizen 2017
Emma AldrichYoung Citizen  2017
Border Relay for LifeCommunity Group  2017
Loretta BuchhornVolunteer  2017
Jaara MoranSpecial Mayoral Award2017
David MilneCitizen  2016
Ram Chandra KhanalYoung Citizen  2016
Lions Club of LavingtonCommunity Group  2016
Megan PearceVolunteer  2016
Benjamin WaltherSpecial Mayoral Award2016
Margaret WhittakerCitizen  2015
Johanna PhommachanhYoung Citizen 2015
Lions Club of LavingtonCommunity Group  2015
Barry YoungVolunteer  2015
Australian Red Cross 'Hands On' ProgramSpecial Mayoral Award2015
Tonia Timmermans Citizen   2014
Breanne Shaw Young Citizen   2014
St John Ambulance - Family Division Community Group   2014
Alf Armstrong Volunteer   2014

James Fallon High School
Student Well-being Achievement Team

Special Mayoral Award 2014
David Ryan Citizen   2013
Nathan Mackay Young Citizen   2013
Robyn Daly Volunteer   2013
Carevan Foundation Community Group  2013
Eric Turner Citizen   2012
Rachele Armstrong Young Citizen   2012
Kevin Mack Citizen   2011
Emma Pwecy Young Citizen  2011
Dave Kefford Citizen   2010
Kate Millward Young Citizen   2010
Margaret Whittaker  Volunteer  2010 
Angela Walters Citizen   2009
Claire Pagulayan Young Citizen   2009
Allen McCowan Citizen   2008
Madeline Anstis Young Citizen  2008
Chris Chant Volunteer   2008
Steve Bowen Citizen   2007
Bianca Smith Young Citizen 2007
Frank Lange Citizen   2006
Allison Church Young Citizen   2006
Helen Cheshire Citizen   2005
Matthew Winnel Young Citizen   2005
Dawn Prentice Citizen  2004
Joanne Read Young Citizen   2004
Judith Harrison Citizen   2003
Kami Lee Williams Young Citizen   2003
Cecily Chant Citizen  2002
Melissa Haberfield  Young Citizen   2002
Annelies Willinck Citizen  2001 
Megan Purtell  Young Citizen   2001 
Thomas Jelbart Citizen  2000
Michael Winnel  Young Citizen  2000
Gabe Farrah Citizen   1999 
Simon Burgess  Young Citizen   1999
Elwyn Reid Citizen  1998
Gavin Downes Young Citizen  1998 
Eileen Purtell Citizen   1997
Nongkam  Thevansavas Young Citizen  1997
John Neale Citizen   1996 
Curt gouma  Young Citizen   1996 
Eric Turner  Citizen  1995 
Glen Strauss  Young Citizen   1995 
Doreen Widdison  Citizen  1994 
Letitia Quick  Young Citizen   1994 
Graeme Hicks  Citizen   1993 
Toryn Chapman  Young Citizen   1993 
Stephen Rhynenhardt  Citizen   1992 
Carolyn Morley  Young Citizen   1992
Gordon Miller  Citizen   1991 
Michelle Cardwell  Young Citizen   1991 
Tom Pearsall Citizen   1990 
Army Apprentice School  Young Citizen  1990 
Gordon Dowling  Citizen  1989 
Andrew Callaway  Young Citizen   1989 
Nelson Kitching  Citizen   1988 
Neil Blair Citizen   1987 
Dimity Boswell  Young Citizen   1987 
Roy Maloney Citizen   1986
Caryl Hogan  Young Citizen  1986 
Arthur Allen Citizen   1985 
Richard Kochel  Young Citizen   1985
Jean Holl  Citizen   1984
Simon Buckpitt  Young Citizen   1984 
Robin Merritt Citizen   1983
Glen Trestrail Young Citizen   1983
Noela Pulver Citizen  1982 
Tanya Lester Young Citizen   1982
Elsie Dale  Citizen  1981 
Tony Wilkinson  Young Citizen   1981