Nanping - Sister City

In 2003, AlburyCity signed a mutual agreement of understanding with Nanping Municipality, China.

The aim of the relationship is to support a close civic friendship that promotes bilateral exchanges and cooperation.

This relationship has resulted in a number of reciprocal visits by officials and community members. AlburyCity led a delegation to Nanping in August 2009 and then in 2014 Albury City hosted a delegation from Nanping.

One purpose of sister city relationships is to promote cultural, economic and educational interchanges between communities. Such interactions encourage friendship, cooperation and understanding with a view to promoting peaceful coexistence worldwide. More recently the focus of the relationship for Albury Council has been to facilitate direct third party relationships.

The relationship between AlburyCity and Nanping Municipality has been of mutual benefit in a number of ways. For example, the signing of memorandums of understanding between Holy Spirit School and Shiyan Primary School, and between Xavier High School and Jianjin High School, has facilitated regular communication between the students, as well as student and teacher exchanges. The most recent activity was a visit by Xavier High School to schools in Nanping in 2015.

Another outcome of the agreement has been the formation of a relationship between Albury’s Charles Sturt University and Wuyi University in Nanping. The 2014 visit also resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding being signed between Albury Wodonga Health and Nanping No.1 Hospital.

In 2018 a delegation of 45 teachers and students from Nanping No.1 high school and Nanping Jianjin middle school was received by Xavier High School. 2018 marks the 15th anniversary of the sister cities relationship between Albury and Nanping.


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